How to Avoid Plumbing Problems After Thanksgiving

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October 16, 2017
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How to Avoid Plumbing Problems After Thanksgiving


Homeowners: Expect Plumbing Problems after Thanksgiving

Black Friday is among the busiest holidays for plumbers; find out what you can do to avoid common plumbing mishaps

Charlotte, NC ((November 16, 2017) –
Every year shoppers go to new lengths to be first in line for Black Friday shopping. While shoppers prepare to camp out at a storefront overnight, plumbers prepare for an overflow of plumbing repair and service calls on their busiest holiday of the year!
According to the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing,® extra pressure is put on home plumbing systems on Thanksgiving. With day-long meal prep and additional house guests it’s easy for the wrong items to go down the drain and disposal.
Follow these simple holiday season plumbing tips to avoid common mistakes that can ruin your plumbing:
There is a “right way” to use your kitchen sink and garbage disposal
The garbage disposal works best when small particles are mixed with water. Always run the water when using a garbage disposal. If your disposal becomes clogged, turn it off, and shut off the water. Don’t reach into a disposal, and never, ever use harsh chemicals to treat a clog. Instead, try a plunger.
The Trash Can or Compost Pile is Best
Fats, bones and vegetable peels can clog drains and damage the disposal. When fats and grease cool, put them into a disposable container and throw it in the trash. If you have a compost pile, that’s a good place for peels. Anything that you can hold in your hand, throw it out instead.
Knowledge of Appropriate Items to Flush Will Save Your Toilet
The amount of people in a normal household easily triples on Thanksgiving Day. This means triple the amount of trips to the bathroom, which strains the integrity of your home’s plumbing system. Remind your guests what can and can’t be flushed, and inform them of any plumbing issues you are already aware of. Meaning, if you need to jiggle the toilet handle to get it to flush, spread the word.
Preventative Maintenance Can Pay Off
If water drains slowly in your showers or sinks, and it’s been a while since you’ve had a plumbing inspection, now may be a good time to call a trusted plumbing professional. They can spot potential trouble areas. They can also help winterize your plumbing system for the colder weather to come. Cold temperatures can put more stress on your pipes, drains, outdoor hose bibs and water heaters.
For holiday-related plumbing information or additional holiday season plumbing tips, us here at contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.