Why You Should Maintain Your Water Heater

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Why You Should Maintain Your Water Heater

maintain water heater

Water heaters are always under high-temperature fluctuations and pressure. Just like any other equipment, it loses its original efficiency over time. Even high-quality water heaters will fail at some point unless timely and adequately maintained. It is essential to routinely maintain your water heater to avoid significant damages.

Importance of Maintaining Your Water Heater

To boost efficiency

Sediment accumulation is widespread in water heaters. It is a significant cause of system inefficiency that needs addressing immediately. Loose minerals in the water are the key contributors to blockage because the crystals settle at the bottom. This makes it more challenging to produce hot water. It is therefore advisable to drain the water heater either once or twice a year. Maintaining your water heater helps avoid significant damages.

Reduces the chances of costly breakdowns

Studies show that homeowners who have professional plumbers visit in their homes once a year to inspect and maintain their water heaters increase their performance and longevity significantly. There is a clear indication that if you follow the recommended water heater maintenance schedule, frequent breakdowns will be a thing of the past.
Unlike DIY strategies, professional technicians see beyond what meets the eye. Slight corrosion may cause water heaters to leak, which may hinder your system from operating at 99% efficiency. Detecting these issues at an early stage helps in dealing with a minor problem before it escalates into a disaster.

Maintain Full Heater Capacity

Substance and mineral accumulation in your water heater reduces the amount of water that the tank can hold. By doing a simple tune-up, you can adequately use your water tank. Regular inspection is recommendable to ensure there is no particle deposit buildup.

Prolongs life

It is evident that the more frequently you maintain your equipment the longer it serves you. Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of any equipment. It is vital to involve Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in inspecting your system to ensure it operates at its optimum rate.

No Surprises

Poorly maintained water heaters tend to fail when you need a warm shower or bath after a day of hard work. In other instances, a broken water heater floods your basement when you least expect. The only way to avoid all these awful events is to adopt professional routine system maintenance.

Saves Money

Some simple repairs during maintenance help in avoiding substantial financial costs as a result of a significant breakdown. Issues with water heaters attract high costs in the form of wasted energy, water, and replacement. It can ruin your day and break your budgets. That is why you need to involve the experts in exceptional, reliable services. How do you know that your water heater is due for maintenance?

Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance

Rusty Water

When you discover rusty water from your water heater, especially from the hot piping, maintenance is required. It is a clear indication that the heater or piping is rusting on the inside and may leak anytime.
If you are using galvanized pipes, it is important to note that they are vulnerable to rust. Some people advise that you drain around five-gallon buckets of hot water from the water heater. If the fourth bucket of water is still rusty, then it is most likely that the problem is the water heater and not the pipe. However, why take chances and waste five gallons of water when you have high-end technicians are just a phone call away?

Rumbling and Noise

With time, sediments accumulate at the bottom of the tank. Heating of the deposit leads to hardening. You then hear some banging or rumbling sounds from the water heater as it heats up. It will need either a repair or replacement, and only experts can assist you.

Leaking Water Around the System

Noticing moisture around your water heater means that there is a leakage or a fracture in the tank. This calls for water heater replacement. Before replacing, experts ensure there are no leakages from the connections or fittings to the tank. They also ensure the pressure or temperature overflow is usually working. Do not hesitate to contact technicians if you notice such signs.

The Age of Your Water Heater

It is critical to know the age of your water heater. Check the serial number provided by the manufacturer on a sticker on the top part of the water heater. This will help you know if there is a need for replacement.
Is it time to replace your old water heater? Take a look at the following to help you when choosing one.

Traditional Tank Heater vs. Tankless Heater

Traditional Water Heater

A traditional water heater can preheat and store approximately 40 gallons of water in a tank. You can use the preheated water to shower, wash dishes, and do some laundry. The tank will then refill for reheating once again.
The water heaters have a low cost, and their installation cost can be half that of the tankless water heater. These tanks are easy and inexpensive to install since there are fewer complications. However, they do have a shorter life span compared to the tankless water heater. Plus, they tend to result higher utility bills.

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater utilizes either gas or electric heat source to warm up cold water anytime you need without storing water in a tank. They will save you money on your utility bills in the long run because they deliver water on demand. Additionally, they have a longer life span that tank heaters. They also do not occupy much space as a tank heater.  The price pint is generally higher for a tankless, but for many homeowners, the benefits outweigh the initial cost.
Whether you’re replacing a traditional tank heater with a tankless system, or you’re upgrading to a new tank heater, always remember to buy your water heaters from trusted dealers and have them installed by a certified professional.
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Charlotte, NC, is a top-notch water heater service provider. We deal with trusted suppliers of high quality products. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to serve you. For quality services, contact us, and our experts will deliver plausible services. We believe in customer satisfaction, and we value our customers.