Your Top 7 Summer Plumbing Tips

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Your Top 7 Summer Plumbing Tips

summer plumbing tips

As a homeowner, the idea of doing a lot of home maintenance probably doesn’t sound very fun. But with summer right around the corner, observing a little bit of maintenance right now, with these top summer plumbing tips, can help to save you a lot of annoyance and cost as the weeks go by!
Many of the worst plumbing mistakes, for instance, can be avoided with the right kind of summer plumbing maintenance. Don’t worry. We’re here to hook you up with the absolute best maintenance tips to ensure that you can spend summer with your family concentrating on having fun!

1. Check Sprinklers for Leaks

When it comes to summer plumbing tips, our first stop is always the backyard. During the summer, your sprinklers are going to be working overtime. That’s why it’s so important to inspect them for leaks!
Sprinklers are likely to spring leaks for two reasons. The first is that they get used a lot, so they are subject to a lot of wear and tear. The second is that they are in the “line of fire”. Everything from children playing to errant lawnmowers can end up damaging them and creating leaks.
For maximum safety, have your sprinkler system regularly inspected by a professional who can diagnose and repair any possible leaks!

2. Have the Toilet Talk

If you have children, then one thing is for sure. The toilets are going to be flushing a lot more during the summer now that they are home from school. This is why it’s important to go ahead and have “the toilet talk.”
What is the toilet talk? This is when you let them know exactly how much toilet paper they should be using per flush. It may sound silly, but too much toilet paper is the leading cause of clogs, so this is your chance to head that danger off at the pass!
Just to be on the safe side, though, make sure all bathrooms have a flange-style plunger nearby in case of emergencies!

3. Check the Water Supply

Summer is the perfect time for you to check the water supply coming into your home. And it’s pretty easy to begin this process. All you have to do is turn on the water in your tub and sink and pay close attention.
If the water volume is much lower than anticipated, then you might need to have your piping replaced due to things like calcium and mineral deposits restricting the flow. To have the issue double checked and repaired if necessary, make sure you call a professional!
And while you’re inspecting your water supply, take the time to check exposed pipes for leaks and ensure that your main line cleanout is easily accessible.

4. Inspect Gas Lines

Summer is a time for lots of gas grills. And while this makes for some good eating, you should also use this time to inspect all of the gas lines inside your home.
You should visually inspect the lines and sniff to see if you can detect any leaking gas. Your nose will be sufficient to detect if there is any kind of major leak. For detecting minor leaks, you can put some dish detergent on the gas line gaskets and seeing if any bubbles form.
Remember that gas can be deadly for you and your family. It’s always good to reach out for a professional to inspect your lines and to replace or repair anything that is damaged and leaking!

5. Check Out the Washer Hoses

For better or for worse, summer is a time when the house is full. You’re likely to have friends staying over, children’s sleepovers, and visiting family keeping you busy.
Bottom line? More people means a lot more laundry to take care of. That’s why you should take the time now to inspect the washer hoses. Make sure they aren’t leaking, bulging, or cracked, especially if you have rubber hoses.
If you see signs of damage, go ahead and have these hoses replaced by a professional. You’ll be thanking yourself when you have the fully functioning washer when all that company comes to visit!

6. Bathroom Maintenance

In addition to making sure your kids don’t destroy the plumbing, there are some other bathroom maintenance tips. For instance, you should inspect the floor. You might see if any water stains are clearly visible or if any parts of the floor feel soft, which indicates a rotting section that needs to be replaced.
Similarly, you should inspect any tiles on the walls to see if any of them are loose. As with soft parts of the floor, a loose tile is something that should be replaced right away.
Finally, make sure the toilet is flushing as quickly as it is supposed to. If you have any toilet troubles ahead (ranging from clogs to full on pipe problems), it’s best to learn about it sooner rather than later!
Don’t forget to call a professional before attempting any major bathroom repairs!

7. Dishwashers and Disposals

Lots of cooking meals at home during the summer means that you’ll be using the dishwasher and the disposal quite a bit. That’s what makes it so important to observe proper maintenance of these two appliances.
Dishwasher maintenance is pretty straightforward. You mostly need to inspect the connections to make sure they are tight enough and are not leaking. For the disposal, it mostly comes down to educating your family about what they should and shouldn’t be doing.
Make sure everyone knows not to throw things in the disposal such as bones, grease, or pits from fruits. Everyone should also avoid pouring fat in there and should never stuff too much in the disposal at one time.
Ultimately, a little preventative maintenance goes a long way towards protecting your disposal! But if it does end up needing repair, don’t forget to call a professional.

Call the Name You Know

Whether you want an ace up your sleeve for maintenance, are looking for more summer plumbing tips or need emergency help, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is here to help. All it takes is a simple phone call for you to have peace of mind for the entire summer, so give us a call today!