How to Save Money on your Bathroom Remodel

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How to Save Money on your Bathroom Remodel

Save on Your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling any room in your house can be a pretty big headache. However, there’s something especially annoying about remodeling a bathroom: if you’re not careful, remodeling this small space can end up having a big price tag!
However, we’re big fans of that old phrase: “work smarter, not harder.” By working with a professional on your remodel, they can help you save money on your bathroom remodel. And whether this remodel is your own vision or a gift for someone else, you’ll end up with something that makes everyone happy.
To get you started, we’ve jotted down a few of our favorite ideas to help you save money on a bathroom remodel.

Budget Ahead of Time

This first tip is going to sound a bit obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people ignore this and end up regretting it. Before anything else, you have to create a budget and a plan and then stick to them religiously.
It’s good to contact a professional during this step. They can help you come up with a game plan, including some solid measures to cut costs while you renovate. They can keep you from going over budget and save you money on your bathroom remodel.
Think of the pro as an investment: pay a little now to save a lot later on!

Check the Pipes

We think that trying to move the pipes is always a bad idea (more on this later). However, one consideration for your bathroom remodel is whether you need to worry about replacing the pipes.
If you have galvanized pipes, they likely need to be replaced because the older they are, the likelier the pipe joints are to be frozen from corrosion. It’s also worth inspecting any copper or cast iron pipes because they may be rotting on the inside and appear fine on the outside.
We know that replacing pipes doesn’t sound like “saving money.” However, this can help you avoid much more costly plumbing issues in the future, all while making the bathroom look better than ever. As always, we recommend having professionals do any inspection and replacement of the pipes!

Work Around the Plumbing

When you imagine remodeling the bathroom, you might be imagining moving plenty of plumbing around. We hate to burst your soap bubble, but “saving money” and “moving plumbing” can never really coexist.
If you try to move the pipes and other plumbing around, then you’re adding $5,000 or more to your renovation project. You can spend just a small portion of that to hire a professional to help you with the remodeling.
The pro can help you transform the space without moving the permanent fixtures. This gives you that “all new bathroom” look you crave without you having to pay the typical “all new bathroom” prices!

Sink or Swim

In many ways, remodeling a bathroom is a challenge like no other. In some ways, though, it’s as simple as shopping for clothes. What do you do when you don’t want to spend a lot on new things? Head to the thrift shop!
A thrift shop is a great place where you can find things like sinks. And it can be a big money saver, as plenty of people buy sinks from a major retail store only to find that they don’t actually fit into the existing cabinet. With thrift shops, you can try to find something that is the perfect fit for the sink or, if you’re feeling creative, you can find things that you can modify into the perfect sink.
No matter where you get the sink itself, be sure to check the supply tubes and fittings. As with the pipes, these may be damaged or frozen and worth having a professional replace in order to avoid more expensive problems over the years.

Avoid the Tile

One of the major contributing factors to a high bathroom remodel price tag is using lots of tile. We’re fans of avoiding tile whenever possible, including in a place you might not expect: the shower.
Many people decide to replace their shower as part of the remodel process. Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news: a tiled shower is very, very expensive. One money-saving alternative to installing a tiled shower is to install a prefabricated shower unit instead.
This cuts the cost of your remodel significantly. And if you just can’t bear to part with the idea of a tile shower, you can always have a professional fuse a poly shower pan with the shower tiles in order to get the look you want while saving a bit of time and money.

Refinish the Tub

Maybe the shower is not a target for your remodel process. Instead, you may be looking at replacing your tub. There’s just one problem with that idea, of course: it is very costly and time-consuming to replace a tub. Instead, we have a simpler suggestion: refinish it instead!
Most of the time, people wish to replace the tub because it looks old and ugly. However, this is just a cosmetic issue: if your tub just has cracks and nicks in it, then it is far easier to refinish everything than to try to fully replace it.
If you want to save even more money, you can get some bathtub liners instead to help address the problem. For both a refinish or liner installation, though, we recommend calling a professional.

Why Go Pro?

Much of our advice has included a recommendation to work with a professional. However, you might be hesitant to do so: after all, if you’re trying to save money on your bathroom remodel, isn’t a professional just one more cost?
The truth is that working with Ben Franklin Plumbing is actually an investment. Most remodels spiral over budget because people mess up something like the tiling and have to order more supplies and start over. With a pro, you get everything done right the first time.
Ultimately, we’re here to bring your vision to life while keeping plenty of money in your pocket. To see how we can help you save on your remodel, just give us a call today!