Why You Should Never Wait in Plumbing Emergencies

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August 15, 2018
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September 11, 2018
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Why You Should Never Wait in Plumbing Emergencies


Not all clogs necessarily require a professional plumber, but plumbing emergencies usually do. Your Benjamin Franklin Plumbing expert in Charlotte, NC advises you to have a professional assess your plumbing emergency. We especially urge you to call us if you notice cracks or leaks that could endanger your health and safety and run up your water bill. Here are some top reasons to never wait in case of plumbing emergencies.

Bad Plumbing Affects Air Quality

One of the most important reasons to fix your water pipes is to prevent illnesses and diseases. If you have leaking pipes, it increases mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. Fungi also grows in moist conditions. You could end up breathing certain substances into the air, and it could cause flu, pneumonia, and a host of other illnesses. If you have a healthy immune system, it might not affect you as much. However, those in a less-than-ideal health status could become even more sick after exposure.

Additional Health Concerns Caused by Plumbing Problems

You not only could possibly breathe in pathogens because of plumbing cracks or leaks, but these issues can also let bacteria into your drinking water that came through your infected pipes. Therefore, you will want to tend to any damage by having pipes repaired or replaced and take care of clogging drains as soon as possible.

Common Reasons for Clogs that Require Attention

Oftentimes, hardened soap, hair strands, or sticky food clog your drain. This situation usually worsens until the debris obstructs your pipeline, which hinders water drainage. In the kitchen, clogs also result from dumping too much grease down the drain that later hardens. Bathroom clogging often occurs if you flush too much tissue paper down the toilet.
Toilet clogs also result from dropping too many non-flushable items, such as used sanitary supplies or disposable towels, down the drain. However, you might have other reasons for plumbing blockages. Additional clogging causes include both drain problems and pipe damage. Sometimes dirt, leaves, branches, or litter might make its way from outside into your pipes, for instance. In addition, tree roots sometimes cause pipe clogging and breakage.

How Cracks and Leaks Could Cause Pipe Bursts

Pipes can burst when temperatures drop to below freezing, but they can also burst if you neglect to repair dripping faucets, cracks, and leaks. The progression of waterline damages often occurs gradually. Because you maybe didn’t realize how damaged your pipes are, they can without warning spray water all over your home and cause damage.

Four Additional Plumbing Problems You Should Not Ignore

Ben Franklin Plumber in Charlotte, NC urges you to pay attention to signs you might have a plumbing emergency. We recommend that you contact us immediately if you notice these symptoms before you experience pipe bursts:

  1. Stains on floors, walls, or ceilings – Stains on your floors, walls, or ceilings indicate that your pipeline might have a leak. This problem will continue to rot your drywall and frames if you don’t take care of this situation as soon as possible. Mold and other airborne pathogens could also continue to grow and make people in your household sick, so deal with this now.
  2. Surface warping – This often occurs on walls, but you might also see it on ceilings, floors, countertops, and other surfaces. Ignoring the warping and not having the pipes behind them inspected could cause your home value to drop in addition to progression of damages.
  3. Corrosion – Galvanized steel becomes corroded after several decades of use or from excess drain chemical usage. If you  notice rust or other wear and tear on your pipes, you need to fix the pipes before the rust turns into a hole. Nowadays, we often recommend the PVC pipes to prevent corrosion.
  4. Low water pressure – High water pressure could cause bursting, but low pressure indicates possible leakage or blockage that could result in breakage that causes a water mess. Besides, contraction and expansion typically happens in sections of pipes that weakened over time.

More Reasons to Call a Plumber Immediately

Unless you received training on how to fix your own pipes, we recommend you call a professional plumber. The reason why is that do-it-yourself fixes done incorrectly typically do not hold for very long if you have not much experience fixing your own water lines, faucets, and valves. It might work temporarily until you can call a professional. However, we recommend you have the problem taken care of right to avoid additional costly damage.
Another issue that neglecting to call a plumber could cause is poor air quality and possible health and structure damage from sewage backup. This especially could produce hazardous, unpleasant odors that could make you sick. This contaminated water could also destroy even more surfaces, appliances, and fixtures that any other type of water damage caused by faulty plumbing.
The longer you wait to have problems fixed, the worse effect it will have on your health. What is more, the costs will keep rising not only for energy consumption but also for repair.

Preventative Tips that Can Save You Money

Always place strainers over your drain holes in your sinks and tubs. You also want to make sure you do not dump whole saucepans full of grease – especially butter or other saturated fat – down the toilet. You also could install a garbage disposal to compost food substances.
In addition, have your plumbing and water heater tested, cleaned, and maintained at least once every season. Do not flush any items down the toilet either, especially if the item package says “do not flush.” You also will want to insulate your pipes to further preserve them against wear and tear or rusting if you have metal plumbing.

Contact Us for an Inspection or Repairs

Your Benjamin Franklin Plumbing expert in Charlotte, NC handles all kinds of plumbing emergencies. In addition, you can also contact us if you want us to inspect your water pipes, heater, and fixtures. We also can help you with any plumbing or equipment or material recommendations you need.