Expansion Tanks

Expansion Tanks in Charlotte

Expansion Tanks Expansion tanks can be extremely important for the safety of your home. It helps control the pressure of your water heater system, and reduces your use of energy at the same time. When water heats and cools it expands and contracts. If the thermal expansion of your water is left unchecked, it can result in an increase in water pressure which can not only cause damage, but also present a potential risk.

Whether you are interested in expansion tanks or you need any type of plumbing repair, installation or maintenance in your home or business, you can turn to us. We will arrive punctually, and we back our work with unsurpassed guarantees. When we say we’re punctual, we mean it. In fact, we offer an “If there’s a delay, it’s you we pay” guarantee™. We’ll take $5 off your bill for every minute we are late to your appointment (up to $300).

So do you actually need an expansion tank in your home? Well, nearly all homes can benefit from expansion tanks. Here are just a couple of the reasons why.

  • Reducing the risk of water heater damage: When water expands after being heated its density decreases and its volume increases. This extra volume needs to go somewhere, and if backflow preventers and pressure reducing valves are closed, the pressure of your system will increase. Expansion tanks prevent pressure fluctuations by absorbing the excess volume created by heating.
  • Reducing the risk of damage to fixtures: When extra hot water is stored in an expansion tank it can help reduce the chances that your faucets will drip or your toilets will continually run. The reason is that your fixtures will not be affected by built-up pressure.

There are many municipalities that require the installation of expansion tanks as part of their local plumbing codes depending on how a water heating system is designed. When you call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Charlotte we can check your water heater and determine whether or not you need an expansion tank. If you do, we’ll show you exactly what type you need and install it quickly.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Charlotte we are experts in installing expansion tanks. If you would like to schedule an appointment, call 704-461-1700 or contact us online.