Guarantees & Warranties


The Punctual Plumber Promise

"If there's and delay, it's you we pay"


We understand the value our customers place on punctuality, so for every minute we are late we will pay you $5 (up to $300).

Service and Repair

We value the trust that is required to let a stranger into your home. If our technicians smoke, swear, or don't wear shoe covers in your home, your won't pay us a penny. We also operate a drug-free policy in our company. If any of our technicians don't live up to our high standards while working in your property, we will also give you a 5 year Ben Society membership, free of charge.

Whole-House Re-Piping

We guarantee that our whole house re-piping will be completed on or before the date promised. All of our work is also guaranteed for a period of 20 years (T&Cs apply). If there is a failure in that period, we will repair the problem free of charge.

Equipment and Fixture

We don't just fall back on the manufacturer guarantee if something goes wrong. We believe in the quality of the products we install. If any equipment or fixture fails within the warranty period, we will repair or replace the broken item and re-install the part at no cost to you!

Total No-Lemon

Our total no-lemon guarantee is the most robust in the industry. Our Optimum goHOT systems come with a 10-year warranty, while our Premier goHOT systems come with a 7-year warranty. During this period, you will not pay for any equipment related service calls. That is up to 10 years of worry-free system performance with these systems!

The goHOT heat exchanger also comes with a 10-year warranty. On top of that, if the heat exchanger fails for any reason, we will replace the heat exchanger and install a new goHOT system free of charge!

Two-Year Test Drive

Our Optimum and Premier guarantee packages give you piece of mind. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the system during the first two years after installation, we will replace it with a brand new conventional hot water system. We'll even refund the price difference between the two.

UWin Guarantee - Code Of Ethics

  • All employees will be drug free. We test our employees on a regular basis
  • We complete background checks on all field employees
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • We are commited to the highest degree of customer service
  • We provide UWIN with all information requested with regard to your transaction
  • UWIN make the final decision regarding any customer resolution
  • Technicians and sales professionals are all trained to an appropriate standard before they enter your home
  • We will provide the best quality service, materials, expertise and craftsmanship
  • We will adhere to all laws, ordinances, and regulations that govern our service area
  • Our financial and accounting procedures will adhere to all local, state and federal laws