Charlotte Kitchen Plumbing

dishwasher installation

Similar to your living room, a tremendous amount of time is spent in the kitchen, so it's critically important that your kitchen plumbing maintains peak performance for you, your family and your friends. If you're looking for the best kitchen plumber in Charlotte, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can ensure that all of your appliances and pipes are installed and working properly. We offer kitchen plumbing repair and maintenance as well as kitchen remodeling services. Our expert plumbers can help you with everything from dishwasher installation to garbage disposal repair.

We offer the following kitchen plumbing services:

  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Ice maker hook up
  • Kitchen sink installation
  • Kitchen sink repair
  • Dishwasher water line
  • Dishwasher installation
  • Ice maker water line

Kitchen Remodeling

Updating your kitchen with new fixtures and appliances can make your life easier, make your kitchen look great, and add value to your home. Whether you plan to gut-renovate your kitchen or simply swap out the sink and countertop or undertake a dishwasher installation, it's integral that you have your kitchen plumbing done correctly so that leaks and accidents won't happen when you turn on your new dishwasher or ice maker.

Our kitchen plumbers in Charlotte are proud to give you the best kitchen remodeling has to offer. We are happy to assist you with your kitchen remodeling project as they can become complex and require a professional kitchen plumber, and shouldn't be attempted by yourself. Building code violations and sink and drain line locations on your property are concerns that our experienced professionals can take care of for you because they can easily become huge and expensive problems if attempted yourself.

Save yourself time, frustration, money, and your beautiful home by giving us a call to do your kitchen plumbing today!

Whether you're in need of a full-scale remodel or renovation, or just restoring your sink or dishwasher back to working order, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing at (704) 461-1700 or contact us online. We guarantee friendly and professional service for your kitchen plumbing needs and more .


Q: What food should not go down the garbage disposal?

A: FATS AND OILS - Fats, such as bacon fat, and certain oils can become a solid at room temperature and cause severe (and expensive!) pipe blockages. Always be sure to safely dispose of hot grease, oils, and fats in a designated disposal container. Or keep it to cook with later!

FIBROUS FOODS – Celery, artichokes, asparagus, kale, chard, lettuce, potato peelings, and onion skins should all be kept out of your garbage disposal. The fibers in these items can easily entangle the blades, causing your disposal to jam.

PASTA AND RICE – When uncooked pasta and rice are exposed to water, they expand, causing blocked pipes. Dispose of these items in a trash can or compost pile.