Solar Water Heaters in Charlotte

solar water heaters charlotte

Want to cut your hot water bill in half and reduce your carbon footprint, all by harnessing the free power of the sun? Our experts at Ben Franklin Plumbing in Charlotte will show you how an ENERGY STAR qualified solar water heater will save you significant money.

On average, homes that use a solar water heater in combination with a backup electric tank water heater save $250 a year. The annual savings for using a solar water heater in tandem with a backup gas-storage unit is $190. Larger families, which typically have increased hot water needs, save even more!

Solar energy is endless. That's the best part about it! Below you can find additional benefits if you decide to switch the flip and go solar for your water heater needs:

  • Huge savings!
  • Extended lifetime.
  • Your purchase helps protect the planet.

Because solar water heaters conserve such a significant amount of energy, investing in a ENERGY STAR qualified solar water heater qualifies you for 30% in federal tax credits, with no upper limit. Normally a solar water heater pays for itself in 10 years, but the federal credits decreases that already impressive timeframe.  

Why does the federal government provide such significant credits? Well, research proves that just one solar water heater saves about 2,500 kWh annually. That translates into 4,000 pounds of carbon dioxide that isn’t released into the atmosphere each year -- equivalent to keeping a car off the road for four months. 

The financial and environmental savings don’t stop there. With an average lifespan of 20 years, solar water heaters last significantly longer than tankless, electric or gas water heaters. Aside from helping you avoid another major investment, fewer of the earth’s resources are spent on frequently replacing old water heaters.

To learn more, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing-Charlotte online, or by phone at 980.222.1626. We’ll talk you through the pros and cons of various solar water heaters, as well as provide you with a team of qualified plumbers for expert installation.