Charlotte Water & Drain Line Repair

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Drain and Water Line Repair in Charlotte

The water and drain lines in your home are the heart of your home’s plumbing and serve many purposes in your daily life. In the case that you notice a leak, it’s imperative to call a plumber immediately before the situation gets worse and causes extensive damage to your property. Here at Benjamin Franklin, we can find the source of your leak and have your water line repair in Charlotte scheduled before you know it. We offer quality service and affordable pricing with knowledgeable technicians to correct all your plumbing needs as soon as possible.

Water and Drain Line Issues

Your water and sewer lines are made up of many types of equipment to perform properly. As your pipes start to age, they can begin to fail and need prompt attention. We recognize plumbing emergencies such as sewer backups and will rush to your service. Other common issues with plumbing include a slow water flow from a leak that doesn’t hold water pressure properly in the pipes. Pipes can become damaged from age or sewer lines may be compromised from roots growing into them and create backups and drains to clog. We use state of the art methods of leak detection to pinpoint the exact area that needs repairs or replacing to save you valuable money in your plumbing repairs. Innovative video technology allows our technicians to see inside of your entire system without the need for extensive excavation, which requires more time and more cost for you. In some cases, extensive damage requires replacement of water or drain lines, but if caught in time, your water line repair in Charlotte should be minor and the cost to you will be too.

If you notice any of these signs of issues in your lines, call us quickly for water line repair in Charlotte:

  • Slow draining bathtubs, toilets or sinks
  • Gurgling noises in the plumbing
  • Slow flowing water from any faucet
  • Any water leaks inside or near a sewer field line outside

Call us at (704) 461-1700 or contact us via our online form to schedule your water line repair in Charlotte as soon as possible.